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Hey there,

My nameís Ben Turner and snowboarding is my passion. If thereís anything you want to know about this sport just ask me... I reckon snowboarding is the best legal fun you can have - Period! But just because itís easy to learn doesnít mean you can just pick up your board and straightaway be throwing half pipes like Shaun White -- thatíll come later...

Man, that dude is awesome...

The levels of dedication heís put into this sport...

And you know what? He was once a beginner too! Yeah, just like you and me he started from nothing and worked his way, paid his dues... And when you pick up your snowboarding guide youíll soon be working your way too...

Youíll soon be tearing down the mountain, snow flying...

But you gotta get started right?

And thatís why youíre here - to find out all about the gear, snowboards and how to snowboard... so letís move on.
Read on and find out:
more about my passion for snowboarding just
click here.

Yours to more snowboarding thrills,

Ben Turner

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